Enjoying fresh peaches and nectarines


As a point of interest, I often get told that my fruit is too green.   Today in the modern industry there are many new varieties of fruit that customers don’t know or really understand.  Yes there is still the old style types of peaches with a nice acid background that is accentuated by the sweet sugar developed by the hot spring and summers days.  These type are usually enjoyed softened and not always as soon as you purchase them from the shop.   Peaches and nectarines are generally picked firm so that they can travel to the shop and look good.  If we picked soft and ready to eat, then the majority would never make it to the shops.

New varieties are now such that they can be eaten firm or soft.  Crunchy like an apple or soft like they used to be from your grandma’s backyard tree.   If you want…

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Cherry season



Cherry season has started and we are busy making sure we only pick the best and most flavourful ones.  Most of these will be sold at our local farmers market in South Australia.  I spent 10 years looking for a cherry variety that crops like this.  We tried growing cherries 20 years ago without much luck.  With trialling and testing multiple new varieties over the last 10 years we have at least found one which seems like it works here.

Cherries are picked ripe and ready to eat.  Most are crunchy and juicy with a nice hint of acid and lots of sugar.  We measure sugar as units of brix, and this one is up to 24 brix.  Sweet, juicy and crunchy.  Beautiful to eat and enjoy anytime of the day or night.

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